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Corporate philosophy|Message from Honorable Chairman and President.
 The non-woven fabric industry is finally reaching maturity. It was in 1968 when we first came across non-woven fabrics produced by dry processing, and turned these into a commercial product, then later inspired by melt-blown non-woven fabric, we moved into the field of medical disposable masks in 1982.
 As we think back, it seems that our initial encounter with nonwovens was the real eye-opener for us, the source of the vision we have brought to the industry. A vision that saw the true possibilities of a material that was so new at the time. A vision that drove us to become the first in the world to utilize ultrasonic welding so as to satisfy our need for higher quality. A vision that drove us to develop our original high-quality patching machinery. A vision that motivates us to place ourselves in our customer’s position and see the world through our customer’s eyes.
 We believe that our company, as it exists today, is a result of this penetrating and robust vision. Today, we are working in cooperation with our many partners to expand our markets both in Japan and overseas. We are working to improve ourselves so that we can continue to reliably provide high-quality goods to our customers. We shall continue to do our utmost to develop processes and products that take full advantage of the special properties of non-woven fabrics.
Kaoru Miyake,
Takao Miyake,
Honorable Chairman
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