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As an OEM, our most important selling point is our ability to undertake production as a true partner to our customers. Since we are absolutely devoted to delivering products that meet our customers precise needs, we begin by placing ourselves in your, the customers position so we can focus carefully on your requirements and intended uses for the potential product. This uncompromising approach has enabled us to successfully deliver products for a wide variety of applications. When designing a mask, we carefully consider factors such as mask shape, pleating, and size, we also look closely at materials from a variety of perspectives. We have technologies and expertise that can turn dreams into reality.

Product creation starts with carefully ascertaining customer needs.
The ideal product begins with confirming customer needs.Masks range from medical, dental, industrial, to home use.We present our product ideas based on customer needs including function, purpose, and size.
Sample selection best for environment where used.
We select samples that best match the intended environment where products will be used by factors such as color, print design, additional functions and so on.
Determine specifications and create samples that meet customer requirements.
We determine specifications and create samples exactly of the product that each customer requests.
Is there a mask that guards not just the mouth but also the eyes against body fluids that spatter during surgery and medical treatment?
Fluid resistant mask with eye protector.
Is there a mask that can be worn for a prolonged period wthout making breathing uncomfortable?
Cup keeper mask
Is there an effective respirator that protects against tuberculosis, SARS, bird flu, and other such bacteria and viruses?
Do you have products that meet overseas standards (US, European, Australian, etc)?
Production control from receiving of order until distribution.
To maximize efficiency we have a production control system in place. According to the production plan data we automatically calculate the required quantity of raw material and make a viable purchasing schedule.
Air shower removes dust and debris from materials.
Dust and debris are removed not only from production staff, but also from raw materials with an air shower before transportation to the production area. We endeavor to keep a clean environment.
Processing and patching technology for ultrasonic welding, etc.
We have realized a stable production line by utilizing facilities that were developed especially by us. After bringing raw materials into the facility all operations are fully automatic. Human hands touch no materials for maximum hygiene.
Product quality check using CCD camera.
Inspection is accomplished by continuously using various sensors and CCD cameras in order to produce high quality and safe products.
Sampling inspection using filter tester to confirm perfect quality.
The filter is the lifeline of the mask. As the filter is not visible to the eye the strictest quality control is desired. We also spot-test to check if our products meet the customerfs precise needs. Further still we reconfirm quality through an outside testing organization.
Automated packaging of products in clean environment.
Masks are packaged automatically in a clean environment and remain untouched until they reach the customers hands.
Delivery when you want, where you want.
We can deliver our products anywhere in Japan the following day to completion.
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